Gerardine Brennan

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Acute psychiatric wards experience high levels of conflict behaviours (violence, absconding, self-harm, rule breaking and medication refusal) by patients. These events cause stress and injury to staff and patients. Their management through containment methods (e.g. sedation, restraint, seclusion) is contentious, and nurses are ambivalent about their use.(More)
Recent years have seen sustained criticism and inspection of acute inpatient psychiatric wards, with the publication of reports and research leading to policy developments and a variety of efforts to improve perceived deficits. The City Nurses project seeks to reduce levels of conflict and containment on acute wards through the placement of expert nurses on(More)
Medicare claims data have proven extraordinarily useful for the cost-effective examination of many epidemiologic and health services research problems. However, their richness in utilization and health status details is offset by a lack of social information. In this paper, we review a method to uniquely link husbands and wives using only data already(More)
The intention of this paper is to discuss the process of therapeutic change on two acute psychiatric wards during a research project that aimed to reduce conflict and containment. Analysis of fieldwork notes, reflection, team discussion and supervision. The City Nurse Project successfully reduced patient aggression, self-harm and absconding. This paper(More)
Conflict and containment on acute inpatient psychiatric wards pose a threat to patient and staff safety, and it is desirable to minimize the frequency of these events. Research has indicated that certain staff attitudes and behaviours might serve to accomplish this, namely, positive appreciation, emotional regulation and effective structure. A previous test(More)
Inpatient progress is monitored mostly via the observation conducted by nursing staff. These tend to be unstructured, vary in reliability between different staff members, and be dependent on what has been written in nursing notes. The Nursing Observed Illness Intensity Scale (NOIIS) was devised to provide a more objective measure of behavioural improvement(More)
Accurate evaluation of patients' psychotic state is essential to decrease psychotic symptoms and protect the patient and others. The aim of this paper is to conduct a literature review in order to access the utility, reliability and validity of current rating scales that are purported to measure psychotic acuity of inpatient population. A search of a number(More)
Medication continues to be the most widely prescribed treatment in the NHS for mental health problems. It has been known for many years that individuals differ in the way they respond to a given pharmaceutical therapy, and one reason for this lies in the genetic variation between individuals. This paper recognizes the impact that pharmacogenomics and(More)
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