Gerardin Solana

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We studied the impact of surface hydrophobicity on the motility of actin filaments moving on heavy-meromyosin (HMM)-coated surfaces. Apart from nitrocellulose (NC), which is the current standard for motility assays, all materials tested are good candidates for microfabrication: hydrophilic and hydrophobic glass, poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA),(More)
A plasminogen activating substance was purified from the dialysates of the eluates of glass adsorbed kallikrein from fresh human plasma, by chromatography on QAE-Sephadex A-50 and gel filtration in Sephadex G-25. The preparation was concentrated by lyophilization. Its electrophoretic mobility was found to be similar to that of prealbumin. Its molecular(More)
The actin-myosin system, responsible for muscle contraction, is also the force-generating element in dynamic nanodevices operating with surface-immobilized motor proteins. These devices require materials that are amenable to micro- and nano-fabrication, but also preserve the bioactivity of molecular motors. The complexity of the protein-surface systems is(More)
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