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PURPOSE To determine the prognostic value of the central downstream apoptosis effector BAX in relation to its upstream regulator p53 in R0-resected hepatic metastases of colorectal cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Retrospective analysis of 41 patients who underwent potentially curative resection of liver metastases from colarectal cancer was performed. Tumor(More)
BACKGROUND XY gonadal dysgenesis (XY-GD) is a heterogeneous disorder characterized by failure of testicular development despite a normal male karyotype. Non-syndromic and syndromic forms can be delineated. Currently, only a minority of cases can be explained by gene mutations. METHODS The aim of this study was to detect microdeletions and duplications by(More)
We recently showed that mutations in the CNGA3 gene encoding the alpha-subunit of the cone photoreceptor cGMP-gated channel cause autosomal recessive complete achromatopsia linked to chromosome 2q11. We now report the results of a first comprehensive screening for CNGA3 mutations in a cohort of 258 additional independent families with hereditary cone(More)
Ring (20) chromosomal mosaicism defined by two cell lines (one normal and the other with the ring) has been demonstrated in lymphocyte and fibroblast cultures from three members of a family through two generations. Two carriers of the ring chromosome were affected and showed the typical signs of r(20) syndrome including mental retardation, microcephaly,(More)
Brachydactyly type B (BDB) is an autosomal dominant skeletal disorder characterized by hypoplasia/aplasia of distal phalanges and nails. Recently, heterozygous mutations of the orphan receptor tyrosine kinase (TK) ROR2, located within a distinct segment directly after the TK domain, have been shown to be responsible for BDB. We report four novel mutations(More)
In 10 children with asthma bronchiale aged 4 10/12--14 3/12 years, Salbutamol was given rectally and by pressurized aerosol. After 1 h plasma concentration of free salbutamol and lung function were measured. Plasma concentrations of free salbutamol ranged between 1.2--12.3 ng/ml, when 2 mg of salbutamol were given rectally and between less than 0.5--1.6(More)
This study investigated differences between binge eaters and controls on measures of daily stress, mood, coping, and eating behavior. The same measures were also used to compare binge days to nonbinge days for the binge group. Participants included 20 college women who reported binge eating at least two times per week and 20 women who reported no(More)
To evaluate the contribution of the innate immune component of host defense in clearing the genome of adenovirus (Ad) vectors following in vivo administration, the Ad vectors AdCMV.beta gal (expressing beta-galactosidase) or AdCMV.Null (expressing no gene) were administered intravenously to immunocompetent or immunodeficient mice, and the amount of vector(More)
Pfeiffer syndrome (PS) is an autosomal dominant skeletal disorder which affects the bones of the skull, hands and feet. Previously, we have mapped PS in a subset of families to chromosome 8cen by linkage analysis and demonstrated a common mutation in the fibroblast growth factor receptor-1 (FGFR1) gene in the linked families. Here we report a second locus(More)