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It is shown that the termination detection problem for distributed computations can be modeled as an instance of the garbage collection problem. Consequently, algorithms for the termination detection problem are obtained by applying transformations to garbage collection algorithms. The transformation can be applied to collectors of the(More)
A b s t r a c t . We discuss recent research evaluating the benefits of certain link labellings in processor networks. Such a labelling, called Sense of Direction or SoD, allows processors to communicate more efficiently with each other, and to exploit topological properties of the network algorithmically. We shall define sense of direction for several(More)
Consider a tree T with a number of extra edges (the bridges) added. We consider the notion of diameter, that is obtained by admitting only paths p with the property that for every bridge b in path p, no edge that is on the unique path (in T) between the endpoints of b is also in p or on the unique path between the two endpoints of any other bridge in p.(More)
We deene the notion of total algorithms for networks of processes. A total algorithm enforces that a \decision" is taken by a subset of the processes, and that participation of all processes is required to reach this decision. Total algorithms are an important building block in the design of distributed algorithms. For some important network control(More)
The paper presents a complete characterisation of the families of networks in which distributed computations can be performed in a process terminating manner, that is, with explicit termination in the asyn-chronous message passing model. The characterisation encompasses all criteria that have been formulated in the past that were known to influence explicit(More)