Gerard T. McKee

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This paper reports on the development of an online environment supporting a network-based robotics educational project. The project was undertaken by a large body of students and involved adding a level of intelligence to control a toy device that was accessible remotely over the network. The students were to design and implement a stop-look-act control(More)
—The work reported in this paper is motivated by the need for developing swarm pattern transformation methodologies. Two methods, namely a macroscopic method and a mathematical method are investigated for pattern transformation. The first method is based on macroscopic parameters while the second method is based on both microscopic and macroscopic(More)
—The work reported in this paper is motivated towards the development of a mathematical model for swarm systems based on macroscopic primitives. A pattern formation and transformation model is proposed. The pattern transformation model comprises two general methods for pattern transformation, namely a macroscopic transformation and mathematical(More)