Gerard T. DiNardo

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The early life history 7 Abstract The relationship between the biomass of reproductively mature individuals (spawning stock) and the resulting offspring added to the population (recruitment), the stock–recruitment relationship, is a fundamental and challenging problem in all of population biology. The steepness of this relationship is commonly defined as(More)
The coral reef fish community of Hawaii is composed of hundreds of species, supports a multimillion dollar fishing and tourism industry, and is of great cultural importance to the local population. However, a major stock assessment of Hawaiian coral reef fish populations has not yet been conducted. Here we used the robust indicator variable "average length(More)
The population dynamics of the blue marlin Makaira nigricans stock in the Pacific Ocean were estimated for 1971–2011 using a fully integrated length-based, age-, and sex-structured model. Fishery-specific catch, size composition, and catch-per-unit of effort were used in the modeling as likelihood components. Estimated dynamics were consistent with a stock(More)
13 We update recent work on the scientific inference and reproductive biology of steepness in three 14 directions. First, we show how variation in natural mortality can be included in the formula 15 for steepness, for both a biomass dynamics and age-structure models. We do this using the 16 delta-method, so that only the mean and covariance of natural(More)
Striped Marlin is a highly migratory species distributed throughout tropical and temperate waters in the North Pacific Ocean. The habitat characteristics of Striped Marlin in the western and central North Pacific Ocean were examined using generalized additive models by modelling fishery catch-rates as a function of remotely-sensed environmental covariates,(More)
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