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1. Statistics Courses Statistical Methods I History of statistics. (3 lectures) Various kinds of statistical problems and studies. (5 lectures) Collection and summarization and presentation of different types of univariate and bivariate data. (8 lectures) Descriptive statistics: measures of location, spread, skewness, kurtosis; various properties of these(More)
— This talk addresses a review of tools and methods to analyze experimental or computed chaotic data series in the context of electrical engineering. As an example, a prototype of linear switched reluctance motor which encounters chaotic behaviors under some specific feeding conditions is analyzed. At first, the nonlinear phenomena, as bifurcations and(More)
This paper deals with hydroelectric power plant modeling for generation control. The dynamic system studied consisted of two infinite dimensional subsystems: the hydro power plant and its connection to the grid. Two reduced order models are presented for the hydraulic plant and one simplified model is offered for the multimachine power system. Influences of(More)
This paper presents an optimal PI controller for automatic reactive power regulators (AQR) which equip some French hydro power plants. The developed AQR algorithm participates to secondary voltage control following some control performance criteria required by the Transmission System Operator. Controller parameters are calculated by solving a constrained(More)
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