Gerard Quinn

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In this paper we describe Taisc eala , a web-based system which provides content-based retrieval on an up-to-date archive of RT E radio news bulletins. Taisc eala automatically records and indexes news bulletins twice daily using a stream of phones recognised from the raw audio data. A user's typed query is matched against xed length windows from the(More)
Clustering of related or similar objects has long been regarded as a potentially useful contribution to helping users navigate an information space such as a document collection. When documents are related by virtue of being about the same or similar topics, then this is often a good indicator that they will be relevant to the same queries and this can be(More)
A bimonthly web-zine of international disability news and views Available on the web at A first-rate team of legal minds represented Rehabilitation International at the UN Working Group meeting where they played an active role in the important negotiations among governments and disability organizations working to hammer out a draft disability convention(More)
The details of a computer program, NSPEC, which simulates chemical speciation in aqueous systems, are presented. NSPEC has been designed explicitly for the IBM PC family of computers and is a departure from normal speciation programs in that it is controlled through interaction with a series of menus. The program is more user-friendly than other comparable(More)
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