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SMPL: a skinned multi-person linear model
The Skinned Multi-Person Linear model (SMPL) is a skinned vertex-based model that accurately represents a wide variety of body shapes in natural human poses that is compatible with existing graphics pipelines and iscompatible with existing rendering engines. Expand
Dyna: a model of dynamic human shape in motion
The Dyna model realistically represents the dynamics of soft tissue for previously unseen subjects and motions and provides tools for animators to modify the deformations and apply them to new stylized characters. Expand
Single-Shot Multi-person 3D Pose Estimation from Monocular RGB
We propose a new single-shot method for multi-person 3D pose estimation in general scenes from a monocular RGB camera. Our approach uses novel occlusion-robust pose-maps (ORPM) which enable full bodyExpand
ClothCap: seamless 4D clothing capture and retargeting
The ClothCap approach uses a new multi-part 3D model of clothed bodies, automatically segments each piece of clothing, estimates the minimally clothed body shape and pose under the clothing, and tracks the 3D deformations of the clothing over time. Expand
Data-driven physics for human soft tissue animation
The learned two layer model is a realistic full-body avatar that generalizes to novel motions and external forces and supports the retargeting of physical properties from one avatar when they share the same topology. Expand