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There is an underlying philosophy behind much of the published literature that implementation is a rational, deterministic process and a belief that the people affected by the change will behave in a manner consistent with the implementor's view of the world. This results in simplistic analyses of change management such as Alter's (1980) four suggestions:(More)
1. The authors acknowledge that the lack of comparison group means that no account can be taken of secular trends. Premature CVD mortality in England is declining at 4.4% annually (Townsend et al., 2012). If CVD risk is declining at the same rate then secular trend would account for around two thirds of the reduction they observed. 2. The authors(More)
Most Computing Centers organize their User Services staff around systems or hardware. Thus, there are for example, IBM mainframe support groups, VAX support groups and various flavors of personal computing support groups. This organization works well when each machine is a discrete entity and users are able to identify or be easily identified by consultants(More)
The Problem A rapidly growing user base, a perception of declining service, and low morale forced the User Services Group in the Computing Center at the University of Notre Dame to review its procedures and service posture. The production of documentation, the newsletter, and the provisions of training courses were ripe for reorganization because for a long(More)
BACKGROUND Effective interventions are available to reduce cardiovascular risk. Recently, health check programmes have been implemented to target those at high risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), but there is much debate whether these are likely to be effective at population level. This paper evaluates the impact of wave 1 of Keep Well, a Scottish health(More)
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