Gerard M. Lehrer

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The Na and K concentration in single supramedullary neurons of the puffer fish (Spheroides maculatus) was measured using a dual channel integrating ultramicroflame photometer. The cells were frozen in situ, sectioned at low temperatures, and freeze-dried to prevent artefactual movements of cations. The density of the nuclear fragments was 0.15,(More)
The activity of the myelin-associated enzyme 2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase (CNP) was measured in 14 rat tissues and in subcellular fractions of rat liver by a sensitive fluorometric method, using cyclic NADP as substrate. CNP activity in brain (339 mumol/h/mg protein) was fourfold that of the sciatic nerve. The activities in tissues outside(More)
The presence of cholinesterase at the myoneural junction of intercostal muscle has been demonstrated in both light and electron microscopic preparations. A new simultaneous diazo coupling technique using alpha-naphthyl acetate as substrate and "hexazonium pararosanilin" as coupler has been applied to cold formalin-fixed tissues. After postfixation in(More)
Antiserum to cerebroside was prepared in rabbits by injection of cerebroside together with bovine serum albumin in complete Freund's adjuvant. When applied to cultures of embryo mouse spinal cord at explantation, this antiserum inhibited sulfatide synthesis and myelination; when applied to myelinated cultures it inhibited sulfatide synthesis and produced(More)