Gerard Lallement

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This paper contains an algorithm which, on input the set of generators of a transformation semigroup S on a finite set, gives all Green's relations on S, a set of generators for the maximal subgroups of S, and a complete determination of the partially ordered set of all the ~-classes of S. The algorithm is based on an earlier technique of J. F. Perrot for(More)
1 U n d e c i d a b l e e x a m p l e s 1.1 D e f i n i t i o n s a n d e x a m p l e s Let A be an a lphabe t and let A* be the free mono id on A, i.e. the set of all words on A, with conca tena t ion as an operat ion. We denote by u -_v the graphical coincidence of two words u, v E A*; the e mp t y word of A* is denoted by 1, and I w] denotes the length(More)
This tutorial examines the nature of natural frequencies and damping ratios for systems with nonproportional damping from first principles. Computational schemes are discussed for the numerical determination of complex eigenvalues. A common misunderstanding of the nature of the natural frequency of a nonproportionally damped system is discussed and(More)
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