Gerard L. Hanley

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The Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) is a community of academic institutions, professional discipline organizations, and individual people building a collection of Web-based teaching and learning resources where faculty can easily find peer-reviewed materials for use in their classes. The MERLOT project is currently(More)
We developed a relationally processing-based scoring system (RPSS) for the Wechsler Memory Scale's (WMS) Logical Memory subtest. Information from the stories was classified as either essential to the plot (Essential proposition) or nonessential to the plot (Detail proposition). The subjects' responses were also scored for intrusion errors (Self-Generated(More)
This paper is a response to the Rappaport (1984) and Attneave (1984) commentaries on the O'Donohue, Hanley, and Krasner (1984) article on the value contexts of the community psychologies. We have focused on similarities and differences between our positions and those of Rappaport and Attneave. We are all in agreement that behavioral community psychology is(More)
Value issues are inseparable from any scientific pursuit and they become particularly influential in the applied scientific areas of community and behavioral community psychology. The explication of value positions is one way of dealing positively with the ubiquity of value issues. The role of values in community mental health, community psychology, and(More)
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