Gerard L Beets

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BACKGROUND Laparoscopic cholecystectomy offers less post-operative pain, less complications, and faster recovery compared with open cholecystectomy. However, laparoscopic surgery can be demanding because of several technical drawbacks. Robotic surgery allows dexterity skills to be performed faster and shortens the learning curve, possibly leading to faster(More)
There are an increasing number of reports on nonoperative management of rectal cancer patients who achieve a dramatic response to neoadjuvant therapy. This review discusses the current literature, and describes treatment strategies for patients who have a complete clinical response on follow-up endoscopy after chemoradiotherapy.
Seroma formation is a common complication after mastectomy. This review aims to elucidate which surgical techniques are most effective in reducing the dead space and therefore seroma formation in patients undergoing mastectomy. A literature search was performed to identify clinical studies comparing any form of flap fixation to conventional closure(More)
Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) occur mostly sporadically. GISTs associated with a familial syndrome are very rare and are mostly wild type for KIT and platelet-derived growth factor alpha (PDGFRA). To date 35 kindreds and 8 individuals have been described with GISTs associated with germline KIT mutations. This is the third family described with a(More)
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