Gerard Kiernan

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The knowledge engineering and software development tasks involved in constructing software for an expert system are very different from the task of designing an imperative program. Some of the problems in the construction of a rule based expert system include deducing the heuristics of the expert, converting these heuristics into a working taxonomy and rule(More)
In working with the construction of expert systems over the past several years we have had two main goals: the development of useful expert system applications and the development of general methods for designing and implementing expert system applications. We have described how K-Trees were used to construct an expert system for advising mathematics and(More)
The construction of an expert system can be divided into two somewhat independent phases, knowledge engineering and software engineering. In the knowledge engineering phase, the heuristics and the data base for the system must be deduced through interviews with a domain expert. In the software engineering phase, a working program must be constructed. In a(More)
Manhattanville College is a small, liberal arts college located in Westchester County, New York. Every student plans his or her program each semester with an academic advisor. Unfortunately, this advisor is not always from the department of the student's major. We see advising as a serious academic problem. We decided that it would be useful to have an(More)
This is a response to the Correspondence from Gabriel Valiente regarding the article "Using Complete K-Trees to Generate Code in Pascal for an Expert System" that appeared in Volume 1 Number 2 of the <i>SIGART Bulletin.</i> Contrary to his assertion that the idea of a complete K-Tree is the central result presented, as the title indicates, the central(More)
In a series of papers we have reported on a method for developing expert systems using the K-tree approach.[1],[2],[3] The approach that we have explored represents the (if-then) rules of the system in a "tree-like" form called a K-tree. We have shown that it is possible, indeed easy, to translate an expert system represented by K-trees into standard Pascal(More)
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