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The influence of interference by hemolysis, icterus and lipemia on the results of routine chemistries may lead to wrong interpretations. On Synchron LX-20 instruments (Beckman Coulter) serum or plasma indices can be used as reliable semi-quantitative measures of the magnitude of such interference. In an article recently published in this journal, we(More)
The influence of interference by hemolysis, icterus and lipemia on the results of routine chemistries may lead to wrong interpretations. The H-, I- and L-indices that can be measured by the Beckman LX-20 instrument (Beckman Coulter) in serum or plasma samples are a reliable semi-quantitative measure of the size of these interferences. A survey carried out(More)
In this article, we offer a critical view of Thibodeau and Boroditsky who report an effect of metaphorical framing on readers' preference for political measures after exposure to a short text on the increase of crime in a fictitious town: when crime was metaphorically presented as a beast, readers became more enforcement-oriented than when crime was(More)
In two different laboratories three methods were applied for in-use testing of 400 samples of disinfectants, primarily aldehyde and phenolic solutions, collected in 30 wards at 11 Danish hospitals. The results obtained with the Kelsey-Maurer test, the membrane filtration technique, and a standardized challenge test were in complete accordance, however, the(More)
BACKGROUND Many labs have not yet selected the most appropriate Westgard Quality Control (QC) rule for each test. This is mainly due to the apparent complexity of the matter. METHODS From the Westgard OPSpecs Charts QC planning tool and the Sigma Metrics formula's it was deduced that every Westgard rule has its own Sigma value. This was converted to an(More)
BACKGROUND The growing number of web-based psychological treatments, based on textual communication, generates a wealth of data that can contribute to knowledge of online and face-to-face treatments. We investigated whether clients' language use predicted treatment outcomes and adherence in Master Your Mood (MYM), an online group course for young adults(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the feasibility of standardized hemoglobinopathy (HBP) carrier testing for pregnant women in The Netherlands in addition to the standard anemia screening. METHODS We assessed the prevalence of HBP in women at the time of the first pregnancy visit using both a prospective cohort (N = 703) and a retrospective series of women selected at(More)
BACKGROUND Interfering substances such as haemoglobin, bilirubin and lipids in a sample may lead to wrong interpretation of immunoassay results by the clinician. In general, there has been minor attention to these interferences on immunoassays, whereas these effects on chemical assays are frequently described. Information about interferences by haemoglobin,(More)