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In this article, we offer a critical view of Thibodeau and Boroditsky who report an effect of metaphorical framing on readers' preference for political measures after exposure to a short text on the increase of crime in a fictitious town: when crime was metaphorically presented as a beast, readers became more enforcement-oriented than when crime was(More)
Urine from patients with ketoacidosis was found to contain a number of aliphatic 3-hydroxy dicarboxylic acids. The acids were purified by silicic acid chromatography and their structures determined by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry of different derivatives. The major compound was 3-hydroxydecanedioic acid. Minor compounds were 3-hydroxyoctanedioic(More)
A region consisting of 19 clinical laboratories harmonized their calibration of seven common enzymes by using fresh patient-pool sera. One of the laboratories was chosen to act as Regional Reference Laboratory (RRL). This laboratory used internationally accepted (mostly IFCC) methods at 37 degrees C, with an intralaboratory CV < or = 2.5%. First, the(More)
A two-year-old boy with a malignant tumor of the brain (medulloblastoma) excreted large amounts of thymine and uracil in his urine. The excretion was related to progress and regress of the disease, and reached a maximum of 3.0 mol of thymine per mole of creatinine and 2.6 mol of uracil per mole of creatinine. The excretion by 20 apparently normal children(More)
When Roman Jakobson pulled metaphor and metonymy to the center of the stage in linguistics and poetics, structuralists were trying to account for meaning by means of a componential model of clearly defined semantic elements (Jakobson, "Closing Statement"). Inspired by the success of Vladimir Propp's structuralist narratology, which attempted to account for(More)
Introduction Characteristic to all areas of human activity (from poetic to ordinary to scientific) and, thus, to all types of discourse, metaphor becomes an important problem for natural language processing. Its ubiquity in language has been established in a number of corpus studies and the role it plays in human reasoning has been confirmed in(More)
Genetic predisposition in MS, influence of fat consumption on the disease, and excretion of lipid metabolites in urine led us to investigate isoprenoid metabolism in this disease. Ubiquinone concentration and biosynthesis was normal in lymphocytes. Cytochrome oxidase, which contains an isoprenoid side chain, was normal in activity. Cholesterol biosynthesis(More)