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OBJECTIVES We sought to examine, angiographically, the longterm fate of a large number of mainly venous coronary bypass grafts and to correlate graft patency and disease with patient survival and reoperation. BACKGROUND Much is known about bypass graft patency and disease, but the precise relation between graft fate and patient outcome has not been(More)
We have reviewed a series of 14 angioleiomyomas of the hand. Unlike angioleiomyomas elsewhere, those occurring on the hand are less commonly painful, have an equal sex distribution and are not predominantly of the solid type as seen in the lower limb. We were unable to find a strong association between histological appearance and clinical presentation. We(More)
Blood flow in intact tendons in dogs was measured using 57Co-labelled microspheres and compared with the simultaneous clearance of a diffusible radionuclide, 85Sr, by the same tendons. Clearance was significantly greater than flow in all tendons, indicating that diffusion from surrounding tissues may be important in the nutrition of normal tendons.
We performed a randomized double-blind case-control study in 64 consecutive patients undergoing open carpal tunnel decompression under local anaesthetic to assess the pain experienced on injection of plain lidocaine (pH 6.4) compared with lidocaine buffered with sodium bicarbonate (pH 7.4). The results showed no statistical difference in the pain scores(More)
Single-passage experiments in which bone-seeking tracers are injected arterially at the same time as microspheres to determine an extraction ratio are only valid if the maximum transit time through bone is less than the minimum recirculation time. This validity was investigated by injecting various intravascular and more diffusible tracers into the hearts(More)
Purpose. In this paper we report on the first scintigraphic evaluation of vaginal dosage forms in post-menopausal women. To date, almost nothing is known about the in vivo performance of pharmaceutical formulations in the human vagina, which is a major deficiency in the rational design of drug delivery systems for both existing and new indications. Methods.(More)