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BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to determine the accuracy of diagnosing group A beta-hemolytic streptococci (GABHS) with rapid antigen testing compared with throat culture methods commonly used. METHODS Two separate studies were conducted. Initially, 182 patients with acute pharyngitis had both throat culture (sheep blood agar or Strep Select(More)
The fundamental limits on channel capacity form a barrier to the sustained growth on the use of wireless networks. To cope with this, multi-path communication solutions provide a promising means to improve reliability and boost Quality of Service (QoS) in areas that are covered by a multitude of wireless access networks. Today, little is known about how to(More)
—Current wireless channel capacities are closely approaching the theoretical limit. Hence, further capacity improvements from complex signal processing schemes may only gain modest improvements. Multi-path communication approaches, however, combine the benefits of higher performance and reliability by exploiting the concurrent usage of multiple(More)
Nowadays, mobile devices are used more and more, and their battery lifetime is a key concern. In this paper, we concentrate on a method called battery scheduling with the aim to optimize the battery lifetime of mobile devices. This technique has already been largely theoretically studied in other papers. It consists, for systems containing multiple(More)
802.11-based WLAN deployments have become a commodity to provide today’s wireless Internet access. In this paper, we conduct a practical study on the performance of FTP file transfers over real WLAN equipment. To this end, we propose a new analytic model that translates the highly complex dynamics of the FTP/TCP/IP/MAC-stack, and their interactions,(More)
The management of heterogeneous and hybrid networks has been always a challenge for network operators. Different frameworks and architectural approaches have been proposed and investigated in the literature. The purpose of this paper is to present the evaluation results of an integrated network management solution for the provisioning and maintenance of IP(More)
Many of today's wireless networks have already closely approached the Shannon limit on channel capacity. A powerful alternative to increase the overall data rate then becomes one in which multiple, likely different, networks are used concurrently. The concurrent use of multiple networks simultaneously has opened up enormous possibilities for increasing(More)
—We study the performance of FTP file transfers over a WLAN and propose a new analytic model that translates the highly complex dynamics of the FTP/TCP/IP/MAC-stack, and their interactions, into a single parameter, called the effective load, and use this to describe the flow-level behavior of FTP-based file transfers over WLANs without admission control as(More)
Festivals, public parades, and sports events are a common happening that attract a large amount of people to one location at the same time. To improve the safety at such crowded events, the event organization could use static and mobile sensors that sense and detect situations which require the attention of the security personnel. Camera surveillance of(More)