Gerard Gaillat

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In a context of high performance, low technology access cost and application code reusability objectives, this paper presents an "architectured FPGA" approach that consists in the definition of a general frame for embedded system application implementations. Addressing image processing as a first application domain, a FPGA architecture implementation based(More)
Image processing for intelligent cameras like those used in video surveillance applications implies computational demanding algorithms activated in function of non predictable events, such as the content of the image or user requests. For such applications, hardwired acceleration must be restricted to a minimum subset of kernels, due to the increasing NREs(More)
A learning decision algorithm, using a set of distinctive features, is described and applied to character recognition. It is based on assumptions which have a wide application area. Emphasis is given on the help it can provide to an industrial user who has to design a character recognizer. In relation to a statistical model, convergence properties are(More)
A parallel MIMD type processor for use in image processing applications on board satellites is described. Emphasis is given to the application requirements in terms of processing power, type of parallelism, communication need and to the impact of these requirements on the architecture design. The choice of a MIMD processor with a ring bus, the convenience(More)
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