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In this paper, we present the JAC (Java Aspect Components) framework to build aspect-oriented distributed applications in Java. This paper goes from the aspect-oriented programming means to the architectural details of the framework implementation. The two core mechanisms depicted to extend the application semantics in order to add well-separated concerns(More)
Multicast protocols must often provide a given property on the order in which messages are delivered. This delivery order may be consistent with local dependences between messages or with causal dependences. A local delivery is defined according to the emitting order observed at the same process source. A causal delivery is defined according to the causal(More)
We consider three kinds of ordering properties provided by a multicast system. The messages can be delivered to the different recipients according to a local order, a causal order or a total order. In this paper, a formal method is proposed to prove the total and causal order of multicast protocols. A generalized formal result for multicast protocols is(More)