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BACKGROUND Heat-related mortality is a matter of great public health concern, especially in the light of climate change. Although many studies have found associations between high temperatures and mortality, more research is needed to project the future impacts of climate change on heat-related mortality. OBJECTIVES We conducted a systematic review of(More)
INTRODUCTION Floods are the most common hazard to cause disasters and have led to extensive morbidity and mortality throughout the world. The impact of floods on the human community is related directly to the location and topography of the area, as well as human demographics and characteristics of the built environment. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is(More)
Juvenile three-spined sticklebacks,Gasterosteus aculeatus, were given a series of four ‘choice’ tests to determine whether they avoided schools of conspecifics in which individuals were parasitized with the ectoparasiteArgulus canadensis. Results from these tests indicate that juvenile sticklebacks can avoid schools of parasitized conspecifics. Furthermore,(More)
Public health adaptation to climate change is an important issue and inevitably is needed to address the adverse health impacts of climate change over the next few decades. This paper provides an overview of the constraints and barriers to public health adaptation and explores future research directions in this emerging field. An extensive literature review(More)
INTRODUCTION Determining the predictors of demand for emergency prehospital care can assist ambulance services in undertaking policy and planning activities. HYPOTHESIS Demand for prehospital care can be explained by demographic, health status, and economic determinants. METHODS The study used a cross-sectional design to investigate the association of(More)
Heatwave effects on human health and wellbeing is a great public health concern, especially in the context of climate change. However, no universally consistent heatwave definition is available. A systematic review and meta-analysis was conducted to assess the heatwave definitions used in the literature published up to 1st April 2015 by searching five(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to examine the impact of Pandemic (H(1)N(1)) 2009 Influenza on the Australian emergency nursing and medicine workforce, specifically absenteeism and deployment. METHODS Data were collected using an online survey of 618 members of the three professional emergency medicine or emergency nursing colleges. RESULTS(More)
The spatial distribution, seasonal abundance and diel activity of four sticklebacks,Gasterosteus aculeatus, G. wheatlandi, Pungitius pungitius, andApeltes quadracus. coexisting in a St. Lawrence salt marsh were examined to see how these closely related species share their habitat. While all four species breed in the Riviè des Vases, a tidal creek, only(More)
Members of the community contribute to survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest by contacting emergency medical services and performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) prior to the arrival of an ambulance. In Australia there is a paucity of information of the extent that community members know the emergency telephone number and are trained in CPR. A(More)
The first large-scale use of a traditional weapon of mass destruction (chemical, biological, or nuclear) involved the successful deployment of chemical weapons during World War I (1914-1918). Historians now refer to the Great War as the chemist's war because of the scientific and engineering mobilization efforts by the major belligerents. The development,(More)