Gerard Donnelly

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BACKGROUND Morning report, a cornerstone of inter nal medicine residency programs for many years, involves a diverse group of teachers and learners with heterogeneous learning goals. METHODS We distributed a self-administered, cross sectional survey to internal medicine residents to clarify the objectives of the learners at morning report. We selected a(More)
2 Botanical gardens and arboreta are more than pretty vistas, as Gerard Donnelly explains they play a distinctive and integral role in protecting and preserving biodiversity. Many of the world's arboreta and botanical gardens are committed to the same goals as those we pursue in Chicago Wilderness. With a particular focus on plants, these plant science(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the capacity of extracellular matrix (ECM) components to support the growth and differentiation of olfactory tissue in vitro. Reconstituted basement membrane matrix (RBM) supported profuse neurite outgrowth from explants of olfactory bulb (OB), with no non-neuronal cell migration. In contrast, nasal tissue (NT) explants(More)
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