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Previous research has suggested that logical competence may not always be reflected in task performances but is influenced by various moderator variables that affect the actual application of competence. The present research examines the development of conditional reasoning from the perspective of a competence-The effects of task interpretation and(More)
A survey of corporate-level senior research and development managers in twenty-seven of Spain's largest hotel chains found a general bias toward innovation, as the majority have formal R&D departments and offer rewards for innovative concepts. Considering a framework that includes four types of innovation (i.e., product innovations, process innovations,(More)
The scientific literature on HIA is particularly rich in Anglo-Saxon countries (United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand), in Sweden and in the Netherlands, while in Italy there are not many scientific studies published on this theme. The study conducted showed that in Italy no laws relating to HIA have been enacted yet and that all laws enacted so far(More)
This paper proposes a preliminary model of a balanced scorecard for tourism destinations, with a specific emphasis on sustainable development. We begin with a review of the perspectives and critical performance variables for the traditional balanced scorecard. We then present empirical work based upon quantitative analysis techniques. A survey was completed(More)
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