Gerard Conway

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Power usage within a Data Center (DC) goes beyond the direct power needs of servers to include networking, cooling, lighting and facilities management. Data centers range from closet-sized operations, drawing a few kilowatts (kW), to mega-sized facilities, consuming tens of megawatts (MWs). In almost all cases, independent of size there exists significant(More)
Data centres are complex ecosystems that interconnect elements of the ICT, electrical, and mechanical fields of engineering and hence the efficient operation of a data centre requires a diverse range of knowledge and skills from each of these fields. The Innovation Value Institute (IVI), a consortium of leading organizations from industry, the not for(More)
Cloud computing has the promise of significant benefits that include reduced costs, improved service provisioning, and a move to a pay-per-use model. However, there also are many challenges to successfully delivering cloud-based services; including security, data ownership, interoperability, service maturity and return on investment. These challenges need(More)
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