Gerard Clifton

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The National Library of Australia has a relatively small but important collection of digital materials on physical carriers, including both published materials and unpublished manuscripts in digital form. To date, preservation of the Library's physical format digital collections has been largely hand-crafted, but this approach is insufficient to deal(More)
APSR aims to establish a centre of excellence for the management of scholarly assets in digital format. It has an overall focus on the critical issues of the access continuity and the sustainability of digital collections. It is building on a base of demonstrators in developmental repositories within partner institutions. It is contributing to national(More)
The effects of HgCl2 and ouabain on vasopressin release and Ca2+ uptake and distribution was examined in the neurointermediate lobe of the rat pituitary. HgCl2 (0.5 mM) inhibited vasopressin release by approx. 90% in both basal and potassium depolarized states. With 0.1 mM HgCl2 vasopressin release was inhibited by 50% in the depolarized state, but release(More)
  • museos de Estambul, Nevra Erturk, Isamu Sakamoto, Gerard Clifton, Zhizhen Tong
  • 2005
editorial The annual IFLA Congress in Oslo last August was once more the occasion of convening the directors of PAC Regional Centres as well as to report to PAC Advisory Board. During these meetings discussions focused on the self-assessment and peer review of the programme decided by IFLA Professional Committee and conducted from April to July 2005. PAC(More)
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