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OBJECTIVE To see whether care provided by general practitioners to non-emergency patients in an accident and emergency department differs significantly from care by usual accident and emergency staff in terms of process, outcome, and comparative cost. DESIGN A randomised controlled trial. SETTING A busy inner city hospital's accident and emergency(More)
BACKGROUND The Health (Out-Patient Charges) Regulations 1994 were designed to encourage those Irish patients liable for their own health care costs to attend their GP before their local Accident and Emergency (A&E) department. Such patients are referred to as General Medical Services (GMS)-ineligible. Prior to the introduction of the regulations in March(More)
BACKGROUND Fatigue is an important symptom in general practice due to its association with physical, psychological and social problems. AIM To determine the prevalence of fatigue as an unsolicited symptom during general practice consultations. METHODS A random sample of GPs practising in Ireland was invited to provide data on consultations held over one(More)
BACKGROUND Problem alcohol use is associated with adverse health outcomes among current or former heroin users and primary care is providing methadone treatment for increasing numbers of this population. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of problem alcohol use among current or former heroin users attending primary care for methadone treatment and(More)
BACKGROUND Opioid overdose (OD) is the primary cause of death among drug users globally. Personal and social determinants of overdose have been studied before, but the environmental factors lacked research attention. Area deprivation or presence of addiction clinics may contribute to overdose. OBJECTIVES The objective of the study is to examine the(More)
The majority of injecting drug users in Ireland are infected with hepatitis C (HCV) and many attend general practice for methadone maintenance treatment. To describe awareness and experience of HCV infection, related investigations and treatment, a semi-qualitative interview study of current or former heroin users attending a general practice was carried(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatitis C is a common infection among people who attend GPs for methadone maintenance treatment. AIM To determine the views of GPs towards clinical guidelines for the management of hepatitis C among current or former injecting drug users in advance of their implementation. METHODS A purposive sample of 14 GPs (10% of the total prescribing(More)
BACKGROUND Heroin overdose is responsible for significant mortality. It has not previously been highlighted as an important prevention or care issue for general practitioners (GPs) involved in the management of drug misuse. AIMS To examine the prevalence and experience of heroin overdose in a population of drug users attending a general practice. METHOD(More)
Quality of life is an increasingly important outcome measure in medicine and health care. Many measures of quality of life present patients with predetermined lists of questions that may or may not be relevant to the individual patient. This paper describes a brief measure, the SEIQoL-DW, which is derived from the schedule for evaluation of individual(More)