Gerard A. P. Kindervater

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The parallel execution of branch and bound algorithms can result in seemingly unreasonable speedups or slowdowns. Almost never the speedup is equal to the increase in computing power. For synchronous parallel branch and bound, these effects have been studied extensively. For asynchronousparallelizations, only little is known. In this paper, we derive(More)
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Many (parallel) branch and bound algorithms look very different from each other at first glance. They exploit, however, the same underlying computational model. This phenomenon can be used to define branch and bound algorithms in terms of a set of basic rules that are applied in a specific (predefined) order. In the sequential case, the specification of(More)
In memory ofPaolo Camerini Local search is a well-known and a well·investigated solution approach for the traveling salesman problem. It is not obvious, however, how local search for the TSP has to be implemented efficiently when each city has to be visited within one or more given time windows.1bis is particularly true when parallel computer architectures(More)