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Bipolar affective disorder is a severe and debilitating psychiatric condition characterized by the alternating mood states of mania and depression. Both the molecular pathophysiology of the disorder and the mechanism of action of the mainstays of its treatment remain largely unknown. Here, (1)H NMR spectroscopy-based metabonomic analysis was performed to(More)
The correlation between the production of plasminogen activator (PA) of tumors and their metastatic potential was studied. B16 melanoma cells and "B16 mets" cells (harvested from the pulmonary metastatic nodules of C57BL/6J mice bearing B16 isografts) were examined with respect to their fibrinolytic activity (FA) in tissue culture. B16 mets cells had a(More)
In a six month placebo-controlled cross-over trial twenty patients with hypertension and peripheral arterial disease were randomised to captopril 25 mg twice daily, atenolol 100 mg once daily, labetalol 200 mg twice daily, or pindolol 10 mg twice daily for one month. Although all treatments were equally effective at lowering blood pressure, pain-free and(More)
The application of metabolomics in multi-centre studies is increasing. The aim of the present study was to assess the effects of geographical location on the metabolic profiles of individuals with the metabolic syndrome. Blood and urine samples were collected from 219 adults from seven European centres participating in the LIPGENE project (Diet, genomics(More)
Eighteen patients who satisfied stringent criteria for the diagnosis of Buerger's disease, healthy controls, and patients with atherosclerosis were tested for various HLA antigens. The incidence of HLA-A9 and HLA-B5 was significantly greater among those with Buerger's disease. This finding supports the concept that Buerger's disease is a distinct(More)
Between January, 1969, and December, 1973, 2058 truncal vagotomies were performed in the Merseyside Regional Health Authority area. 14 of these patients subsequently developed severe post-vagotomy diarrhoea and were extensively investigated. 6 were found to have IgA deficiency. It is suggested that antecedent IgA deficiency may account for the varied(More)
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