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Two experiments were conducted to evaluate an accelerometer system (Heatime; SCR Engineers Ltd., Netanya, Israel) to manage reproduction in lactating dairy cows. In experiment 1, lactating Holstein(More)
Objectives were to evaluate 3 resynchronization protocols for lactating dairy cows. At 32+/-3 d after pre-enrollment artificial insemination (AI; study d -7), 1 wk before pregnancy diagnosis, cows(More)
Lactating crossbred dairy cows were synchronized to receive a timed artificial insemination (TAI), and blood samples were collected from all cows from TAI until pregnancy diagnosis 39 d after TAI(More)
Lactating dairy cows (n=1,025) on a commercial dairy farm were randomly assigned at 10 ± 3 d in milk (DIM) to 1 of 3 treatments for submitting cows to first artificial insemination (AI) and were(More)