Geraldine Sanders

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Many disease states, including the aging process, are associated with the accumulation of mitochondria harboring respiratory dysfunction. Mitochondrial dysfunction is often accompanied by increased ROS levels that can contribute to cellular dysfunction and disease etiology. Here we use the model eukaryote S. cerevisiae to investigate whether reduced(More)
We report the cDNA-deduced primary structure of the chicken counterpart of the murine dilute gene product, a member of the myosin I family. Comparison of the chicken and mouse sequences reveals a distinct pattern of domains of high and low sequence conservation. An internal deletion of 25 amino acids probably reflects differential mRNA processing. Compared(More)
Triplex-forming oligonucleotides (TFOs) have been shown to bind to target DNA sequences in several human gene promoters such as the c-myc oncogene, the epidermal growth factor receptor, and the dihydrofolate reductase genes. TFOs have been shown to inhibit transcription in vitro and gene expression in cell culture of the c-myc and other genes. The HER-2/neu(More)
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