Geraldine Pratt

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The meaning that persons attribute to environments is divided into perceptual-cognitive meaning and affective meaning. Affective meaning is then conceptualized as a two-dimensional bipolar space that can be denned by eight variables falling in the following circular order around the perimeter: pleasant (arbitrarily set at 0°), exciting (45°), arousing(More)
1. Radiochemical in vitro assays show that there are large and rapid changes in the spontaneous rate of juvenile hormone synthesis and release during the course of sexual maturation in the locust. 2. Parallel observations on glands incubated with farnesenic acid show that the rate-limiting step is always prior to the stage of esterification of farnesenic(More)
There are major changes in the sensitivity of corpora allata from the cockroach Diploptera punctata toward the allatostatic tridecapeptide APSGAQRLYGFGL-amide (ASAL) during the female reproductive cycle, as revealed by measurement of juvenile hormone (JH) biosynthesis in vitro. Glands from recently molted adult females show only 30-40% inhibition at 10 nM(More)
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