Geraldine Macdonald

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This paper aims to stimulate awareness about the intellectual and emotional work of 'unlearning' in knowledge workers in the emerging learning age. The importance of providing a safe space for dialogue to promote transformative learning, through building 'communities of learning', is highlighted. Unlearning is conceptualized within a transformative(More)
This paper reports the findings of an evaluation of the 'Housing Support, Outreach and Referral' service developed to support people living with HIV who were homeless or at risk of homelessness. The service was set up as part of the Supporting People Health Pilot programme established to demonstrate the policy links between housing support services and(More)
AIM To identify factors affecting Canadian home care nurse intention to remain employed (ITR). BACKGROUND In developed nations, healthcare continues to shift into community settings. Although considerable research exists on examining nurse ITR in hospitals, similar research related to nurses employed in home care is limited. In the face of a global(More)
PURPOSE This paper reports the findings of the evaluation of the Supporting People Health Pilots programme, which was established to demonstrate the policy links between housing support services and health and social care services by encouraging the development of integrated services. The paper highlights the challenges of working across housing, health and(More)
There are many reasons why potential cadaveric organ donors may fail to become actual donors. These include permission refusal by the next of kin, incorrect assumptions about medical suitability and, occasionally, an excessive workload in the intensive care unit. Some potential donors currently regarded in Australia as "unrealistic" might become actual(More)
BACKGROUND There is extensive and varied interaction between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession. Most empirical research concerns contact between individual physicians and industry, and reflects North American experience. We sought to clarify the extent and nature of relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and Australian(More)
The inspiration for the development of computer applications in service to man has many origins. Computer-related curricula materials successfully integrated into a wide variety of undergraduate classroom situations provide one major vortex for this inspiration for both faculty and students. The vital initial steps are the appropriate education of the(More)
This paper reports on a qualitative research study that examined the experience of expert and novice nurses participating in a new, reflective program of “clinical supervision”, intending to facilitate the transition of new graduate nurses into the workforce. Three patterns emerged during the constructivist inquiry: readiness to reflect, valuing of clinical(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigated the 'gift-relationship' between pharmaceutical companies and doctors. METHODS The study was based on a survey questionnaire of 823 medical specialists from across Australia. The aim of this study was to investigate gifts offered to medical specialists in Australia by pharmaceutical companies, financial support actively(More)
Organ donation rates vary markedly around the world. In an attempt to analyse why some patients' families are not asked about organ donation, the case notes of 6080 patients who died over a twelve-month period from April 1991 to March 1992 in nine hospitals in Sydney, NSW, were studied. Irreversible coma occurred in 515 patients. Of these, 177 were(More)