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BACKGROUND Omega-3 long-chain (≥C20) polyunsaturated fatty acids (ω3 LC-PUFA) such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are critical for human health and development [corrected].. Numerous studies have indicated that deficiencies in these fatty acids can increase the risk or severity of cardiovascular, inflammatory and other(More)
The pelvic flexure is the midpoint of the equine large colon that marks the junction of dorsal and ventral components. Previous studies of intraluminal pressure in this region indicate that it could be an important motility control center. The present study was undertaken to expand our knowledge of normal myoelectric activity around the pelvic flexure(More)
Extracellular myoelectric activity from the terminal ileum, cecum, and colonic pelvic flexure was assessed in 4 adult horses. The collection and analysis of myoelectric data involved the development and use of a computer-based system. After collection, the myoelectric signal was digitally filtered to enhance the activity of interest. The smoothed signal was(More)
An experimental model of ascending placentitis was developed in the mare to characterize the uterine myoelectrical pattern in late gestation and determine how ascending placentitis altered this pattern. In experiment 1, myometrial electrical activity was analyzed during the early morning, late morning and evening hours in four mares in the last 15 days of(More)
Cryptococcus is the most common fungal respiratory pathogen in Australian horses, manifesting primarily as pulmonary granulomas. Disease severity at presentation is dependent on the athletic use of the horse. The diagnosis and estimation of disease severity are centred around clinical findings, cytological evaluation of respiratory tract secretions,(More)
Seed-specific modification of crop plants is a common goal in plant metabolic engineering. Ability for early assessment and validation of seed-specific constructs for metabolic engineering in crop plants is desirable. We describe a method in which the Arabidopsis thaliana LEAFY COTYLEDON2 (LEC2) transcription factor is constitutively expressed to generate(More)
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