Geraldine Kenny

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This article provides a review of the literature on clinical correlates of awareness in dementia. Most inconsistencies were found with regard to an association between depression and higher levels of awareness. Dysthymia, but not major depression, is probably related to higher levels of awareness. Anxiety also appears to be related to higher levels of(More)
A comprehensive range of literature on awareness in dementia published in peer-reviewed journals during the last 15 years was reviewed with the aim of extracting details of the methods and measurement instruments adopted for the purposes of assessing awareness. Assessment approaches fell into five categories: clinician rating methods, questionnaire-based(More)
There has been a recent proliferation of studies exploring awareness in people with dementia and, as is the case with similar studies in other clinical areas, results are generally mixed and inconsistent. One of the reasons underlying variability in study results relates to the complexities around the concept of awareness itself. Two sources of conceptual(More)
BACKGROUND Timely recognition and diagnosis of dementia is the pre-condition for improving dementia care, but diagnosis often occurs late in the disease process. OBJECTIVE To compare facilitators and obstacles to the timely recognition of dementia across eight European Union states, in order to implement established policies for earlier diagnosis. (More)
Schizophrenia (SZ) and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are complex neurodevelopmental disorders that may share an underlying pathology suggested by shared genetic risk variants. We sequenced the exonic regions of 215 genes in 147 ASD cases, 273 SZ cases and 287 controls, to identify rare risk mutations. Genes were primarily selected for their function in(More)
Experts from eight European countries (Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom) and the disciplines of clinical psychology, general practice, geriatric medicine, old age psychiatry, medical sociology, nursing and voluntary body organisation met in 2003 to explore obstacles to recognition of and response to(More)
The phenomenon of role transition for new nurses has been a topic of research and concern for practicing nurses, educators, and administrators for many years. This transition has an impact on the job retention of new nurses. Stress, lack of confidence, and unmet expectations have been found to influence patient safety and outcomes. Simulator programs have(More)
This article examines issues relating to the pain experienced by infants and the nursing care they receive in the context of universal ethical principles. The intention is to show that ethics is not a remote intellectual pursuit but has the potential to directly affect and enhance the care given to infants in pain. The author maintains that the consequence(More)
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