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Clinically evident anastomotic dehiscence was studied in 1466 patients who had undergone resection of a large-bowel adenocarcinoma. The overall incidence of anastomotic leakage was 13%, but the incidence varied between surgeons (range 0.5% to over 30%). Morbidity and mortality were significantly higher in those patients in whom the anastomosis failed to(More)
A review of histopathology reports on 2046 patients in the large bowel cancer project showed considerable observer variation in histological grading. Dukes staging, and lymph node harvest. These parameters have a well-established relationship to prognosis, but, if they are to be applied for both clinical and research purposes, they must be assessed(More)
BACKGROUND Linguistic analysis is of great potential benefit to psychiatry as a research and assessment tool, but the skill and time it demands means that it has not been widely used. This paper describes a much simplified form of syntactic analysis. METHOD A detailed protocol for the Brief Syntactic Analysis (BSA) was written, based on earlier work by(More)
Analysis of pathological data in the 10th year of follow-up of a multicentre trial of the management of operable breast cancer has confirmed the correlation of prognosis with tumour grade, tumour size and lymph-node status. For each factor examined there was no difference in survival between the 2 treatment groups ("watch policy" and radiotherapy) but(More)
The role of the serotonin transporter (5-HTT) in the development of neuropsychiatric disorders has been widely investigated. Two polymorphisms, an insertion/deletion in the promoter region and a 12 repeat allele in a variable nucleotide tandem repeat (VNTR) in intron 2, drive higher expression of the 5-HTT gene. Four studies have shown nominally significant(More)
A total of 24 patients with renal cell carcinoma involving the inferior vena cava underwent thoracoabdominal radical nephrectomy with removal of tumor thrombus by an open or closed technique. The tumor extended in the inferior vena cava to the level of the renal or lower hepatic veins in 18 patients and it reached the level of the diaphragm or right atrium(More)
Myoblast cell cultures have been widely employed in conventional (1g) studies of biological processes because characteristics of intact muscle can be readily observed in these cultured cells. We decided to investigate the effects of spaceflight on muscle by utilizing a well characterized myoblast cell line (L8 rat myoblasts) as cultured in the recently(More)