Geraldine E. Rosario

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Data sets with a large number of nominal variables, some with high cardinality, are becoming increasingly common and need to be explored. Unfortunately, most existing visual exploration displays are designed to handle numeric variables only. When importing data sets with nominal values into such visualization tools, most solutions to date are rather(More)
XmdvTool is a public-domain software developed at WPI for the interactive visual exploration of large-scale high-dimensional data sets [4, 1, 2, 5]. XmdvTool supports a user-driven interactive discovery process of data patterns and outliers. Our multidisciplinary approach of coupling ideas from the fields of data visualization, data mining and database(More)
Accessing data stored in persistent memory represents a bottleneck for current visual exploration applications. Semantic caching of frequent queries at the client-side along with prefetching can improve performance of such systems. However, a prefetching setup that only uses one prefetching strategy may be insufficient because (1) different users have(More)
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