Geraldine Dapul

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Although obesity affects all cultures, ethnic groups and social strata, this disorder affects African Americans, Hispanics and the poor at a disproportionate rate. The Downstart Pediatric Healthy Lifestyle Program was developed to provide a multi-disciplinary behavioral modification program for inner city families in Brooklyn, New York interested in leading(More)
We examined the effects of the parkinsonian variant of multiple-system atrophy (MSA-P) on grasp and forward transport and release of an object. Twelve patients with MSA-P and 10 age-matched control subjects performed the task with each of three object weights (200, 400, 800 gm). Subjects moved at a self-selected pace using a precision grip. The grip(More)
OBJECTIVE Severe tetanus remains a serious issue in less developed countries, leading to prolonged hospitalization due to prolonged neuromuscular contraction of muscles. We present a case of severe tetanus in the United States that was successfully managed with intrathecal baclofen. CASE REPORT A 42-year-old male without tetanus vaccination history(More)
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