Gerald Zauner

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Large rivers are worldwide under severe pressure and there is a lack of information on large river restoration. The present paper represents a meta-analysis of available data on river rehabilitation projects performed at the Austrian Danube River consisting of six rehabilitation projects addressing 19 sites. The overall goal was to analyse the response of(More)
Although classification of astrocytic tumors is standardized by the WHO grading system, which is mainly based on microscopy-derived, histomorphological features, there is great interobserver variability. The main causes are thought to be the complexity of morphological details varying from tumor to tumor and from patient to patient, variations in the(More)
The present paper deals with the application of atomic force microscopy (AFM) as a tool for morphological characterization of histological brain tumor samples. Data mining techniques will be applied for automatic identification of brain tumor tissues based on AFM images by means of classifying grade II and IV tumors. The rapid advancement of AFM in recent(More)
Taking a look at actual developments in the field of bioinformatics, computer support in different fields of medicine and biology is an increasing field of interest. Especially for recognition and classification of various kinds of diseases, researchers already identified the usage of data mining techniques as supporting tool for computer supported analysis(More)
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