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The bridge-correlator circuit is characterised by instable integration due to the parasitics of the integration capacitor. Two methods are proposed to get a grip on the integration behaviour. The active approach is able to eliminate up to 100 % of the dominant parasitic capacitance according to the amplification of the used buffer. As a consequence of the(More)
A time-of-flight depth sensor is presented employing a correlation based concept. The pixels are able to suppress contributions of ambient light up to 150 klx autonomously and directly in the electronic circuits consuming only 2 A, each. All 16 16 pixels capture the depth information simultaneously at maximally 16 frames per second using an external A/D(More)
In this paper, the implementation of a sample rate converter for arbitrary sampling rates is presented. The focus is especially on VoIP systems which are used for safety critical applications. In this systems, the sampling rates are nominally equal, but different clock sources cause slight differences. By using SystemC and high level synthesis it was(More)
A distance sensor is presented as a system-onchip (SOC) solution embedding 2×32 pixels together with an on-chip ring oscillator providing phase-shifted modulation signals for the time-of-flight measurement principle. The lowpower pixels consume only 2μA each, manage 150klx of ambient light directly in the circuit domain without using any optical filters,(More)
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