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A procedure for the determination of norepinephrine and dopamine, based on high-performance liquid chromatography, is evaluated using an electrochemical detector system. The use of an inorganic mobile phase to provide resolution of low retention amines and extend column life is discussed. A high degree of correlation between estimations of endogenous(More)
Nitrogen inputs into surface waters from diffuse sources are still unduly high and the assessment of mitigation measures is associated with large uncertainties. The objective of this paper is to investigate selected agricultural management scenarios on nitrogen loads and to assess the impact of differing catchment characteristics in central Germany. A new(More)
The intention of the presented study is to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms that caused the bimodal rainfall–runoff responses which occurred up to the mid-1970s regularly in the Schäfertal catchment and vanished after the onset of mining activities. Understanding this process is a first step to understanding the ongoing hydrological change in(More)
SCHARF (1976) discusses various growth models. For the Gompertz function the differential equation (Formula: see text) is used. In words: the difference between relative growth rate and relative growth acceleration is constant. On the other hand, according to WENK (1973), the differential equation (Formula: see text) applies to the Gompertz function. It can(More)
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