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Sperm transfer in Caminella peraphora is closely associated with secretion and construction of a female-associated structure, the signet ring. The ventral portion of the ring serves as an external spermatheca early in mating. Although sperm assimilation occurs prior to development of the dorsal ring elements, male participation is instrumental in successful(More)
State University 1993 13. Britton, E.B. In: The insects of Australia, p. 613. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press 1979 14. Wink, M.: Z. Naturforsch. 50 c, 868 (1995) 15. Käss, E., Wink, M.: Botanica Acta 108, 149 (1995) 16. Wink, M., von Nickisch-Rosenegk, E.: J. Chem. Ecol. 23, 1549 (1997) 17. Kuschel, G., Oberprieler, R. G., Rayner, R. J.: Entomologica(More)
Mites of the genus Veigaia are common gamasid inhabitants of forest litter. They engage in the peculiar reproductive strategy of podospermy which, along with other morphological and behavioral adaptations, involves modification of the chelicerae of the relatively rare males into gonopods. Each movable digit is provided with an appendage (spermatodactyl)(More)
Various chemicals were tested for control of the filbert bud mitesPhytoptus avellanae Nalepa andCecidophyopsis vermiformis (Nalepa) using a single treatment applied during mite migration. Efficacy was determined by counting mite-infested buds in the spring and fall. Endosulfan applied at 1.2 g/l was the most effective treatment. Dicofol, ethion and(More)
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