Gerald Umgeher

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To comply with all these requirements two measures are proposed. The underlaying software concept is founded on a component based approach [2], which is faster than classical agent systems to guarantee reactivity and enables easier distribution than conventional object oriented approaches whose scalability ends at the one computer border. To fulfil all of(More)
Interpretation of human activity is primarily known from surveillance and video analysis tasks and concerned with the persons alone. In this paper we present an integrated system that gives a natural language interpretation of activities where a person handles objects. The system integrates low-level image components such as hand and object tracking,(More)
Robotic systems that interact with changing and unknown environments and humans need to possess dependability higher than current vision systems alone can provide. Most autonomous robots therefore fuse vision system with laser-sensors or ultrasonic-sensors. Within the Cognitive Vision Project ActIPret, we experiment with a pure vision controlled stationary(More)
Rapid programming of applications with down-times near zero is a key to automation of small lotsize production. This paper proposes an approach to program by gestures. It combines the visual observation and interpretation of human activities and gestures, mapping to technical tasks and autonomous execution. Automated planning/generation of the robot motion(More)
models (parametric, but without specific values): such as "pushing a button". Abstract models are defined by vision based activity descriptions. For the “pushing a button example” the abstract model might be defined, for example, by requiring minimum distance and persistence parameters. Specific models (parametric and with instantiated values): derived from(More)
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