Gerald T. O'Brien

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We have compared two methods of reducing hypotension during spinal anaesthesia in elderly patients, 6% hetastarch and crystalloid or methoxamine 10 mg i.m., in terms of haemodynamic stability and requirements for additional vasopressors. Sixty-two patients (aged 60-97 yr) undergoing surgical fixation of fractured neck of femur were allocated randomly to(More)
The reliability of DSM-III anxiety disorder diagnoses was determined using a new structured interview, the Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule (ADIS). Two interviewers examined 60 consecutive outpatients at an anxiety disorders clinic and assigned primary and secondary diagnoses based on the ADIS. The kappa statistic, calculated on the basis of perfect(More)
Twenty-nine insomniacs underwent four consecutive sleep laboratory evaluations before and after receiving tension-release relaxation training, no-tension-release relaxation training, or no-treatment. On the basis of the discrepancy between subjective and EEG-defined measures of latency to sleep onset, subjects were classified as pseudoinsomniacs or(More)
The effects of variations in procedures for the administration of the thought-listing technique were examined. Test-anxious subjects imagined themselves in test-taking situations of increasing stressfulness and participated in similarly designed behavioral test-taking tasks. Subjects were requested to list the self-statements that occurred to them after(More)