Gerald Sonneck

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The integrated EU-project DECOS (dependable embedded components and systems) developed an integrated architecture for safety critical embedded systems. To reduce the effort for the certification of DECOS based applications it provides support for modular certification based on generic safety cases. This means that a safety case of a DECOS based application(More)
The integrated EU-project DECOS (Dependable Embedded Components and Systems) aims at developing an integrated architecture for embedded systems to reduce life-cycle costs and to increase dependability of embedded applications. To facilitate the certification process of DECOS-based applications a modular approach has been implemented which is based on the(More)
This paper describes a formal methods case study in which one module of an existing security system was redeveloped using the \light-weight" Vienna Development Method supported by the IFAD Toolbox. The result is compared with the existing version in terms of eeort and quality. In this project, formal methods { even in its \light-weight" form { have(More)
  • G Sonneck
  • 1986
The main characteristic of suicide prevention is the flexibility in the methods used. The methods can never be chosen haphazardly, but have to be fitting to the situation and the individual patient. Work on the relationship, confrontation with suicidal behavior, working on actual circumstances of life and the social environment are the main issues. The(More)
Laser (lidars) used from satellites and space stations for measurement of atmospheric properties may represent an ocular hazard to people on the surface of the earth. The risk of an eye injury depends on a range of parameters such as the energy per pulse, wavelength, beam divergence, space craft orbit, atmospheric conditions, properties of telescopes and(More)
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