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This article describes the syntheses of two covalently linked oxygen-bridged hybrid metallocene-nonmetallocene polymetallic catalysts bearing two different catalytically active group 4 metals. The reactions of Cp*2(Me)Zr(OH) (2) with Ti(NMe2)4 and Hf(NMe2)4 led to the formation of a heterobimetallic compound Cp*2(Me)Zr(micro-O)Ti(NMe2)3 (7) and a(More)
Herein we report on the reactivity of the stable germanium(II) hydride LGeH (L = CH{(CMe)(2,6-iPr(2)C(6)H(3)N)}(2)) (2), which contains a low-valent germanium atom. 2 is prepared from the corresponding germanium(II) chloride LGeCl (1) using H(3)Al x NMe(3) or K[HB(iBu)(3)] in toluene. The reaction of 2 with carbon dioxide in toluene at room temperature(More)
Monoanionic iminophosphonamide ligands have a N-P-N linkage and undergo four-membered ring N,N-ligand formation when treated with aluminum compounds. The reaction of LLi (L = [Ph(2)P(NSiMe(3))(2)]) with equivalent amounts of AlCl(3) and AlMeCl(2) in toluene afforded LAlCl(2) (3) and LAlClMe (4), respectively. L(2)AlH (5), LAlEt(2) (6), and LAl(NMe(2))(2)(More)
The diisopropylphosphanyl-substituted anthracenes i-Pr2P(C14H9) (1a), i-Pr2P(C14H8)Br (2a), and (i-Pr2P)2(C14H8) (3a) and some of their oxidation products were prepared from 9-bromoanthracene and 9,10-dibromoanthracene, respectively. Low-temperature (1)H NMR spectra of the 9-monophosphanyl-substituted anthracenes 1a and 2a are in accordance with a staggered(More)
The use of Raman spectroscopy for on-line monitoring of the production of superconducting YBa2Cu3O6+X (YBCO) thin films on long-length metal tapes coated with textured buffer layers is reported for the first time. A methodology is described for obtaining Raman spectra of YBCO on moving tape exiting a metal-organic-chemical-vapor-deposition (MOCVD)(More)
A first structurally characterized primary aminophosphane (Ar 2PNH 2 ( 2); Ar = 2,4,6- iPr 3C 6H 2) that is a stable solid at room temperature without decomposition by self-condensation is reported. Reactions of N-phosphanyllithium amide ( tBu 2PNHLi ( 3)) with Me 2SiCl 2 and MeSiCl 3 in Et 2O result in the formation of Me 2Si(NHP tBu 2) 2 ( 4) and MeSi(NHP(More)
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