Gerald Rescher

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We study the subthreshold drain current hysteresis of 4H silicon carbide Si-face (0001) and a-face (1120) n-channel power MOSFETs between gate voltage sweeps from accumulation to inversion and vice versa. Depending on the direction of the gate voltage sweep, the MOSFETs show a different subthreshold drain current at the same gate voltage. The observed(More)
We study the threshold voltage (Vth) instability of commercially available silicon carbide (SiC) power MOSFETs or prototypes from four different manufacturers under positive bias temperature stress (PBTS). A positive bias near Vth causes a threshold voltage shift of 0.7 mV per decade in time per nanometer oxide thickness in the temperature range between(More)
We study the interface properties of 4H silicon carbide Si-face (0001) and a-face (1120) power MOSFETs using the charge pumping technique. MOSFETs produced on the a-face show a higher electron mobility than Si-face devices, although their charge pumping signal is 5 times higher, indicating a higher interface/border trap density. We show the main(More)
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