Gerald R Greene

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Atypical mycobacterium cervical adenitis (AMCA) is a disease primarily of childhood and usually presents as a unilateral mass or draining sinus. The pathogens are mycobacteria which are distinct from Mycobacteria tuberculosis, leprae and bovis (the typical mycobacteria). The atypical mycobacteria are readily recovered from the environment and are generally(More)
The experience with nontuberculous mycobacterial disease at an "acute-care" hospital in southern California between 1971 and 1981 is reported. Forty-five patients with nontuberculous mycobacterial or Mycobacterium bovis-caused disease were identified by retrospective review. Of these, 31 patients (69%) had pulmonary infection alone, nine (20%) had cervical(More)
Neutropenia developed in three pediatric patients treated intravenously with nafcillin. This association has not been, to our knowledge, previously reported in children. One of the patients is the youngest reported who had neutropenia associated with any penicillin; another patient had a prolonged recovery. The literature pertaining to marrow suppression by(More)
The relationship between length and head circumference can be expressed by the simplified formula: head circumference (centimeters) = 0.5 length +9.5 +/- 2.5; head circumference (inches) = 0.5 length + 3.75 +/- 1. This formula is accurate for 95% of measurements in the first 400 days of life. The correlation coefficient of length to head circumference is(More)
Subcutaneous extravasation of parenteral nafcillin sodium can cause deep-tissue necrosis, sometimes necessitating multiple debridements and skin grafting. We report two cases in which nafcillin-induced tissue injury was successfully prevented by prompt clysis of hyaluronidase to the site of infiltration; these patients are compared with an infant in whom(More)
A 7-year-old boy with congenital hydrocephalus and a left septate cerebral cyst presented with a shunt infection due to Micrococcus sedentarius, resistant to all penicillins. The shunt infection was persistent despite several courses of parenteral, intraventricular, and intracyst antibiotics. Evaluation of the ventricular fluid revealed adequate "killing(More)
A prospective follow-up study, from birth to age 5, of height, weight, and weight/height indices in 582 white children was carried out in a suburban private pediatric practice. The purpose of the study was to examine trends in height and weight over time, to evaluate any differences in measures of ponderosity between breast-fed and bottle-fed infants, and(More)