Gerald P. Niccolai

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The reactions of CpZr(CH(3))(3), 1, and Cp(2)Zr(CH(3))(2), 2, with partially dehydroxylated silica, silica-alumina, and alumina surfaces have been carried out with careful identification of the resulting surface organometallic complexes in order to probe the relationship between catalyst structure and polymerization activity. The characterization of the(More)
The reaction of the p-methylidyne complex [C5H5(CO)Fe],(p-CO)(p-CH)+PF6(1) with CO gave the cationic 1 :1 adduct [C5H5(CO)Fe]2(p-CO)(p-CHCO)+PF6(2) in 90% yield. The structure, spectra, and chemical properties of 2 suggest that the bonding of the p-CHCO ligand in 2 should be regarded as analogous to that in organic acylium cations, with a contributing(More)
The hydrogenolysis of cyclohexane catalyzed by supported Ir/SiO(2) has been studied to get mechanistic information on the elementary steps of C--C bond cleavage for cyclic saturated hydrocarbons. The reaction was studied under conditions in which no dehydrogenation to benzene occurs. When a mixture of cyclohexane and H(2) flows over a Ir/SiO(2) catalyst at(More)
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