Gerald P Clancy

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The study's objective was to contrast the prevalence, phenomenology, and medical care utilization for panic disorder from 1980 to 1990. All psychiatric consultations from a university consultation service from the years 1980, 1985, and 1990 were located (N = 2,400). Patients meeting DSM-III-R panic disorder criteria were selected for chart review.(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing illicit use of anabolic steroids in adolescent and young adult populations has been reported. To determine the scope of this problem and its relationship to psychoactive substance abuse, we evaluated the prevalence of anabolic steroid use among individuals seeking inpatient treatment for substance abuse. METHOD A randomized mail(More)
The adenosine analogue 2-chloroadenosine (2-CA) is often used to determine the biologic effects of adenosine because 2-CA is less susceptible to degradation than adenosine. We studied the effects of 2-CA on primary cultures of rat inner medullary collecting ducts because there is good evidence that adenosine can influence cell function through its effects(More)
The encapsulation of ReO(x) within ReS(2) inorganic fullerene-like cages is described for the first time. The encapsulate was prepared by the sulfidization of both hand-milled and ball-milled samples of ReO(2); partial conversion of the oxide to the sulfide was achieved with the degree of sulfidization depending on the exposure to the sulfidizing agent,(More)
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