Gerald McGuire

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Absorption and disposition kinetics can be studied with a stable-isotope method. The aim of this study was to validate a stable-isotope method for levobupivacaine and to derive the relevant pharmacokinetics after epidural administration. METHODS Eight volunteers (18-32 yr) received approximately 23 mg of both levobupivacaine and(More)
To assess the value of on site therapeutic drug monitoring at the epilepsy clinic, management decisions were recorded before and immediately after antiepileptic drug (AED) concentrations became available. In the first year of this prospective study, 632 [277 carbamazepine (CBZ), 170 phenytoin (PHT), 113 valproate (VPA), and 72 phenobarbital (PB)] assays(More)
The short-term effects of sodium valproate (VPA) on haem biosynthesis were assessed in a placebo-controlled crossover trial in eight healthy male subjects who ingested VPA 500 mg t.i.d. and matched placebo for 5 days. All showed augmented activity of leucocyte 5-aminolaevulinate synthase (ALA-S) activity, the rate-limiting enzyme of the haem biosynthetic(More)
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